2018 Miss Cumming Fair Winners

2018 Miss Cumming Fair Winners



Hannah White

2018 Miss Cumming Fair

Contestant Gate Admission is FREE! Parking is $5.00 . Entry starting at 9:30 AM on Oct. 5 through Gate C.
Winners in each division will receive a Crown, banner and Trophy / Plaque.
Two Alternates in each division will receive a Trophy, Plaque or Medallion.
All contestants will receive a Participation Award.

Entry Forms & Fees

Entry Fee: $65
Deadline to Enter is September 28, 2019

Miss Photogenic $10
*You must bring own photo (B&W or Color) 8 x 10 or less.*

Mail entry forms with the entry fee / photogenic fees to:
Pennie Stathes
8920 Lansbury Ct.
Cumming, GA 30028


Baby Miss CCF 0-2 yrs. Party or Sunday Dress 10:15AM Tiny Miss CCF 3-4 Party or Sunday Dress 10:30AM
Petite Miss CCF 5-6 Party or Sunday Dress 10:45AM
Little Miss CCF 7-9 Party or Sunday Dress 11:00AM
Young Miss CCF 10-12 Long Gown 11:30AM
Jr. Teen Miss CCF 13-15 Long Gown 11:45AM
Teen Miss CCF 16-19 Long Gown 12:00PM

Miss Cumming Fair 17-24 12:15PM

All contestants, please come dressed ready to compete. Dressing Areas are very limited. You do not have to reside in Cumming or Forsyth County to enter.